Take Two

by Nerds in Denial

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Nerds in Denials Debut Album
July 4th, 2016
Recorded by Victoria Polla @ FLCC
Mixed and Mastered by Terren Warranis at Low Key Recording


released July 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Nerds in Denial Rochester, New York

Nerds in Denial is an indie rock group founded in 2011 from Rochester, New York. It consists of members Dashuan Burrows, Richie Cardiel, Benjamin Hare and Devin Johnston.

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Track Name: Starling
I know, you told me before
You better tell me again
Some certain challenges cloud my mind
You’d like to settle the score
I’d like a moment of zen
before we cater your product line

Don’t say that you’re disappointed, once again,
with merely minutes to go
Don’t turn your back and tell me “It’s according to the plan,”
that dicey diction is faux

Am I the swift, or the starling?
It’s not a dream, rather, calling
There ain’t a single better place to go
That’s a minor miracle

I know, I’ve seen ‘em before
Yeah, in this town they’re the talk
A modern marvel of the city scene
Some loyal fans take the floor,
across the bar, then, they’ll walk Their wallets starving for printed tees

Sing and cheer for the growing masses here,
they’ll fund your fictional life
Take to the streets and find the demographic that you seek,
then rob ‘em blind with a knife

Are you the saint, or the pastor?
You build with paper and plaster
If you could find someone to save your soul,
that’s a minor miracle
Track Name: Just A Little Time
I’m gonna skip town
Go out and away
to a place where the girls who smoke their cigarettes
will stay at home and soon forget
The past is fading away
I see the lights illuminate the street
and grow dark in the mirror right next to me

I’ve got my ticket to ride
I’m gonna ride anytime
It’s gonna be alright for now, at least

I’ll come back home
Where I know I’m needed
You’ll stay right there,
where I’ll find you seated
in that little house of ours
Wide awake and chasing stars
I’ll come back home,
I just need a little time

I’m gonna lay low
with sand in my ears
in a place where the girls reside on top of me,
and smell of ash and Listerine
But now, I’ve got my place to stay
Where they can see the other half of me,
but only in between the sheets

With every drink that she takes,
I see that smile grow fake
“You’ve got a lot at stake,” she seems to say
Track Name: Miranda Rights
Quietly, as night fell
upon the city’s haze
We snuck along the border
of capture and escape

We’re so close to our freedom,
we’re so close to our doom
It’s time for quick decisions
But still, we’ve got no clue

Let go, stay your pain
Because fear’s our foe, so don’t be afraid
And just let go, avoid the light
With any luck, we won’t have to hear our
Miranda rights

Quickly, as they followed us
The chase heated up
Nothing, it seemed, could rob us
of any more luck

Our capture, it seemed, was at hand
Our triumph, I could see
But with the stakes so high,
It seemed we could never leave

Keep it low, keep it low
Keep it low, we want to go home
Keep it strong, keep ir strong
Keep it strong, or all could go wrong

Stay alert, stay alert
Stay alert, and no one will be hurt
Keep it loud, keep it lou
Keep it loud, we’ve got to go now
Track Name: Persistence Can Be Such A Bitch
And you say it’s not too late
Well, I find that hard to be true
See, I fought enough, I tried to fight fate
But only some will ever have a clue

Well I told you more than once
But you went, and what did you do?
See, I fought enough just to lose your trust
I wonder if you’ll ever get the clue

And who will know?
The sad thing is that someday they’ll forget
And you say so
Just look past the crowd and pray that they’ll let-
Track Name: Crazy
You sat alone, fingers freezing to the bone, saying: “I don’t need your praise” Thoughts in my head tell me she’s already dead
Now the stakes are raised
Peace and unrest, put your wits up to the test
Tell her what is for the best, lie about it all
Unless it’s true
Can’t you see that she is not a thing like you?

Say you did your part,
but you’re still miles away to prove it
Say I broke your heart,
but you know you chose to lose it

You lay in bed, legs are cold and made of lead, saying:
“I don’t need your help”
Kneel down and pray, what’s your Father have to say?
Try and save yourself
Go play your game with a man who has no name
Find out if it feels the same with nobody to be blamed for it
Can’t you tell she’s gonna sell out in a bit?
Track Name: Autophobia
I caught her staring from the sidelines
At the way I used to be
She thinks I’m only wasting my time
But that scene’s just not for me

He walked away and hit the theater
With a lonely reoccurring dream
I’ve seen just what he’d done to see her
Now she’s only in his dreams

She told me “Boy, you’ve done it now
You wrote her song and went to play it far too loud”
Well, I said “Girl, I don’t care
Better to play it loud than leave things in the air”

He took her hand and went to kiss her
But she turned and walked away
I’ve seen that lonely face, he’d miss her
Now there’s nothing left to say

She told me “Boy, just quit your games
How can you carry on like this now, every day?” Well, I said “Man, can’t you see?
This game you’re playing ain’t the one that’s right for me”

I walked away and up the sidewalk
With a shadow looming up ahead
I’ve done everything to stay there
Now there’s nothing left to be said